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A fertile substrate for a new company

As announced in September, Straco has completed the acquisition of the Horticulture Division from Greenyard on December 18. Greenyard has taken this decision to remedy several exceptional circumstances and to reduce its financial debts.

Under the ownership of Straco, the company will continue its development as a healthy and thriving stand-alone organization. A seed is sown in this fertile substrate and in spring we will announce our new identity in the market.Stefaan Vandaele, Managing Director “We are excited about this new opportunity for our company. In the future we will help our professional growers and passionate gardeners even more to grow an excellent crop by supplying them value-add growing media of trusted constant quality. Our solid basis of know-how combined with operational excellence will continue to strengthen our strong partnerships with growers and retailers over the world”.

The acquisition by Straco of the entire substrate business, including the Horticulture and Mycoculture business units, will not affect the day-to-day operations. As long-term family based investment company, Straco intends to support investments in growth and further development of the business.

Our company will also continue to develop, produce and commercialize the same high-quality substrates and products as today. We will remain the reliable partner to our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. The management team as well as the same well-known team of motivated and experienced employees will remain in place.

Should you have any specific questions about this transformation do not hesitate to contact us via or via your well-known personal contact.